Collezione Giuseppe Iannaccone

Italia tra le due guerre

Giuseppe Iannaccone was born in Avellino, Italy on November 25, 1955. Moving to Milan in the early’s 70s, he got his law degree and started his own firm. In the early’s 90s, he discovered his passion for art. Firmly convinced that a work grows out of the artist’s mind, but then lives and takes on meaning only through the eyes of those who see it, Iannaccone began seeking out the artists who best expressed his concept of romanticism and his vision of the world.

He has been stoutly supported in this mission for over fourteen years by Rischa Paterlini, who has learned and grown alongside him, becoming the perfect curator to interpret his vision as the guardian of his greatest enthusiasm: art.

The Giuseppe Iannaccone Collection is therefore a storehouse of stories, a window on the world and an extraordinary record of the present. But above all, it mirrors the unstoppable drive of a collector who from the outset has been on a constant quest to find masterpieces, because as he likes to say it is better to have the true masterpiece of minor artist than a minor work by a true master.

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