Collezione Giuseppe Iannaccone

In Pratica: Luca De Leva #2
Cavalli e madonne. Sentimentalmente ispirato a Arnaldo Badodi

Vernissage: Saturday, 9 April 2016 10.00
Period: 10 Apr 2016 - 13 Nov 2016
Opening days: Apertura speciale in occasione di Miart 2016

Saturday 9th April 2016, on occasion of the twenty-first edition of miart – the international fair of modern and contemporary art of Milan, the second event of the project IN PRATICA is to be inaugurated. This cycle of exhibitions, curated by Rischa Paterlini, will be hosted by lawyer Giuseppe Iannaccone, set amongst a part of his own personal collection of contemporary art within a dedicated area of his legal firm. Following the first presentation of the artist Davide Monaldi, last Autumn, IN PRATICA continues with its intention to propose a continuous comparison between the works of established international artists and those of talented, yet still unknown, emerging artists invited to the event to create site-specific projects. The project reaffirms the constant dialogue between expressive styles and different eras, which characterize the collection from the very beginning. The inauguration of Horses and Virgin Marys. Sentimentally inspired by Arnaldo Badodi, will take place on Saturday 9th April. 
This is a personal exhibition of Luca De Leva (Milan, 1986) during which a corpus of thirteen works of art including sculptures and assemblages created specifically for the occasion will be presented. The new works of De Leva derive from an almost “amorous” meeting between the young Milanese artist and some of the works of the painter Arnaldo Badodi that can be found among Mr Iannaccone’s collection: The wardrobe, 1938; Coffee, 1940; The Circus, 1941.
“I didn’t actually know Badodi before seeing his work among Mr Iannaccone’s collection,”– says Luca De Leva – and it was this that provided the catalyst for everything. I approached his paintings in a spontaneous and frontal manner, ignoring all previous criticism and written information regarding this artist and his work. It was a pure, visual experience, devoid of any conditioning and a source of inspiration for these thirteen new works”.
The new creations of De Leva have found their place amongst the works of the Iannaccone collection, set up especially for the occasion.
Here they sit alongside the three Arnaldo Badodi paintings, which provided the inspiration for this young artist, creating a playful dynamic of assonance, of sensitivity and atmosphere. The figuration, the almost artisan feel, and the choice of materials are key elements of formal
architecture within the new works of De Leva, created in order to induce a form of emotive empathy with the public and with the works of Badodi himself.
“For the construction of each and every image – states De Leva – I paid particular attention to interpretation, to the memory and the imagination of each and every one of us. I searched for them within me, and by studying myself in relation to the nature of us all. I am constantly trying to dilute myself and the spectator is every bit as present as I am within these works”.
“Humanity, as told by Luca De Leva – highlights Rischa Paterlini, curator of the collection – is very similar to that which can be found within numerous works of Arnaldo Badodi, a painter that I love and whose work lawyer Iannaccone began collecting many years ago. 
The painting of Badodi speaks of a real world, a world that is alive, human, a little grotesque but also ironic and surprising at the same time. Dancers, Pierrot and acrobats blend together and move freely, like a colourful theatre stage. Just like in the drawings and sculptures of De Leva, where masked children, votive images and toy horses reawaken long gone memories, images of childhood and scenes of a life lived that speaks to us about a chapter of our human condition, using both grace and lightness”.
Luca De Leva’s exhibition, which will be accompanied by a catalogue edited by Mousse Publishing, will be open from 9th April to 13th November 2016, at Giuseppe Iannaccone’s law firm by appointment only, for small groups.
Opening Saturday 9th April upon invite and reservation only.